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Checking Supplies

Checks In The Mail, Inc. FAVORITE
Checks In The Mail offers a wide selection of personal checks, business checks, and accessories such as personalized labels, checkbook covers, personalized stationery, and more. With Checks In The Mail you can customize your checks to reflect your needs and personality. Shop Now!

Checks In The Mail, Inc.

Checks In The Mail includes over 100 popular bank check designs such as: Disney, Hello Kitty, SpongeBob, Care Bears, Blue Safety, Anne Geddes and so much more. Personalize your checks even more by uploading your favorite photos of your pet, hobby, or family member and create your own Photo check. Or, best yet, create a unique gift for that someone special in your life. Checks In The Mail also has a large selection of accessories such as: Bill Organizers and Receipt Keepers, Personalized Stationery, Address Labels, Stamps, Checkbook Covers, and so much more.

Checks In The Mail offers a selection of business checks and supplies. Choose from a variety of color and design options for your General Purpose Business Checks. Checks In The Mail also has available computer/laser-printer checks that are compatible with Quicken®, QuickBooks® and Microsoft Money®. You can also purchase additional business supplies such as: custom stamps, bank deposit supplies, business cards, and more.

Checks In The Mail is a leading direct marketer and supplier of bank checks and related supplies with history in the check industry since 1922. In 2002, Checks in the Mail became the only direct check company to offer a "Privacy Guarantee." The guarantee states to all customers, "Our commitment is never to sell, rent or share your personal information for other direct mail or telemarketing purposes."

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